With Cisco’s onePK and Starview’s flexible SDN Analytics application, organizations experience several benefits:


Starview has partnered with Cisco to build an application using Cisco’s onePK API to aggregate real-time application, platform, and network operational intelligence. The resulting SDN analytics solution provides extensive value to SDN deployments.

In your personal demo, we’ll share how Starview’s SDN Analytics solution provides a way to access all the information within a Cisco ONE SDN infrastructure in order to enable full-stack visualization, real-time analytics, and 100% visibility and programmatic control of the application layer to the network layer.

During the demo, you’ll see how SDN can:
  • Provide one view of the network stack – bringing networks and applications together
  • Monitor link utilization between hops for upsell opportunities
  • Implement Applied Network Analytics without deep packet inspection
  • Reduce escalations and provide immediate response
  • Understand how machine-learning techniques can understand normal network behavior and detect anomalies.

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