The Power of the Platform

The Starview Enterprise Platform gives enterprises the ability to visualize, analyze, and control operational data-in-motion. The complete platform provides all the pieces required for enterprise application developers to easily and quickly build, deploy and manage real-time operational intelligence applications that help IT organizations improve service availability and resource optimization.

Starview Inc. is a leading provider of Operational Intelligence software that simplifies the rapid creation, deployment and management of reliable, distributed, real-time enterprise applications. The Starview Enterprise Platform, and its patent-pending Active Model, enables organizations to accurately model their environments and improve their situational awareness by analyzing and taking action on distributed operational data where it is being generated. The result is improved service availability and resource optimization that ultimately improves revenue generation and profitability. A key solution area is distributed network visualization, analytics, and control for Software Defined Networking(SDN).


  • Service Availability
    Quality & performance assurance, critical-path monitoring, SDN Visualization & Analytics
  • Resource Optimization
    Cost reduction, predictive analytics improve process in order to get more out of current assets


Starview is a fully integrated, real-time analytics platform that comes complete with all the standard components needed for a typical enterprise solution.

  • Interactive Development Environment for rapid design and deployment of custom analytics solutions.
  • Starview Management Console™ with dashboards for solution deployment, and real-time insight into operations.
  • Scalable and intelligent, deployable on existing standard architecture.
  • Provides sophisticated predictive analytics with the market differentiating Active Model.
  • Packaged APIs for ease of integration, including support for Cisco onePK.