A Platform Approach to Operational Intelligence

The Starview Enterprise Platform puts enterprises ahead of their data in order to identify and capitalize on hidden opportunities. By using powerful analytic software, Starview’s platform provides enterprises with the ability to build solutions that not only pinpoint problems, but also anticipate them.

Some of the world’s leading enterprises rely on Starview’s intelligent analytics software platform and its unique Active Model™ approach to process and analyze big data in real time so that the “best next action” can be identified and triggered automatically. The result is clear business value:

  • Resource Optimization – Reduce costs and optimize the utilization of business assets and capital equipment running in the environment.
  • Service Availability – Mitigate risks to the revenue stream by monitoring availability and anticipating disruptions to critical business services.

Industries where Starview has been applied to critical business processes:

  • Telecommunications - Comprehensive analytics into subscriber activity and usage patterns allows for instantaneous network optimization and end-to-end service management. Real-time discovery of customer needs allows for improved customer satisfaction and reduced churn.
  • Financial Services - Next-gen insight and analytics provide a 360-degree view of the purchase history, patterns, and needs of banking and insurance customers. This allows company sales and service reps to immediately identify cross-sell, up-sell, and customer retention opportunities. Additionally, real-time fraud-detection identifies anomalies and fraud threats at the point of transaction before they happen.