In-Memory Computing

In-memory computing refers to the storage of information in the RAM of dedicated servers rather than in related databases that operate on disk drives. In-memory computing allows for the ability to analyze massive data volumes instantly, quickly detect patterns, and perform operations much faster than when compared to traditional solutions that rely on data warehousing and “after-the-fact” examinations.

The Starview Enterprise Platform features an entirely “in-memory” architecture, delivering real-time solutions and true actionable insight. Other solutions rely on historical data like log files that are collected into data silos and analyzed after the events in question have occurred. This latency – whether it represents seconds, minutes or months – will inevitably translate into lost opportunities, costly scenarios and forfeited profits.

Starview is differentiated from other Operational Intelligence platforms because of its patented Active Model™ technology that mirrors the actual world in real time, whereby information is analyzed in-memory as real-world events occur, allowing for the instantaneous triggering of optimal “best next” actions.