The Active Model™ – The Real World in Real Time

The Active Model recreates real world situations in a virtual environment. By replicating the configuration of real-world objects – or “actors”— in a virtual environment, the Active Model facilitates real-time analytics and state monitoring on what’s happening across an IT infrastructure in the moment it’s actually happening.

Enterprises can now run telecommunications networks, factory floors, algorithmic trading systems, and other large-scale infrastructures free of blind spots.

Uniquely configured business rules enable alerting, prediction and integration with other systems for real-time analytics, decision making and the identification and triggering of the “best next action.”

Problems are either fixed or stopped before negative effects are felt. The result?
True Operational Intelligence.

Active and Real-Time Analytics

  • Uses a virtual representation of real-world situations
  • Gives enterprises unprecedented, real-time visibility and analysis into events across the whole of their IT infrastructures
  • Simultaneously conducts all necessary operations—state monitoring, analytics, messaging, rules application and event processing—to stay current with real-world conditions and produce optimal results.