Complete & Compact Platform – Ready to Deploy

The Starview Enterprise Platform comes complete with everything required for the entire application lifecycle of developing, simulating, testing, deploying and managing an Operational Intelligence installation in multiple lines of business.

There are four elements that comprise the Starview platform – all available as part of an enterprise license. They include:

Interactive Development Environment
The Starview IDE is based on an abstracted, sophisticated, Java-based development language that enables enterprise application developers to work closely with business analysts to rapidly implement business rules and objects. Applications created with the Starview IDE are composed of more compact code than is possible via programming in Java or other languages. This enables rapid development of sophisticated applications and significantly less lines of code that make changes and testing simpler and more cost-effective.


Business Events Server
The Starview Business Events Server™ is a run-time environment that processes business events and transactions. It applies business rules and predictive, prescriptive and reactive analytics created within the Starview IDE. The Starview Business Events Server also comes complete with multiple Adapters for easy and secure communication with all relevant enterprise back-end systems and touch points.

Remote Server Agents
Starview’s lightweight servers can be installed on individual devices and multiple touch points, either in the field or within a closed environment. Starview’s Remote Server Agents allow Active Analytics and state monitoring to occur remotely and enable scalability and reliable, easy-to-manage, distributed application architecture.

Management Console
The Starview Management Console™ is a robust server with a graphical interface that gives users the ability to manage, monitor and provision the Starview system as a whole. With the Starview Management Console, users can: monitor all Starview Business Events Servers and Starview Remote Server Agents; track, maintain and deploy application versions; and track data flowing through the system in real time.