In-Memory Computing & Anomaly Detection Video – Starview Enterprise Platform

Predicting disasters, identifying potential threats, and seizing in-the-moment opportunities can be near impossible when analysts are buried in data. Starview’s platform analyzes massive amounts of data from disparate sources in real time to independently learn what is normal and automates the triggering of the “best next action.”

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In-Memory Computing & Anomaly Detection Video – Starview Enterprise Platform

Thanks to advanced analytics and a windfall of information, enterprises are now able to know more than ever before about their customers, about internal business operations, and about external opportunities or potential threats. But when information requires a closer look, analysis into a specific event within so much data is often far too enormous of a task for business analysts to take quick action. The analysts tasked with finding problems, predicting disasters, and fixing or averting them, are more than overwhelmed because they’re buried in data.

Their job is like a giant game of “which one of these things is not like the others.” Only on a scale so massive it’s impossible for human eyes to account for each incongruity, unusual pattern and anomalous events within the data stream. This leads to costly consequences and dangerous scenarios, when you consider use cases that involve transportation networks, financial institutions, or national security, to name a few.

Starview’s Enterprise Platform provides a comprehensive anomaly detection solution and real-time decisioning platform to immediately identify threats and opportunities in the moment they occur, and to take immediate action. The platform is an analytic and intelligence engine that processes massive amounts of data, structured and unstructured, from disparate sources such as physical sensors, communications networks, or text documents. It independently learns what is normal, analyzes events, detects anomalies, threats and/or opportunities within them and enables reporting to the appropriate responder or analyst.
Starview models the state of a system, such as an electrical grid or manufacturing floor, maintains this model in real time based on event-driven updates, predicts the future state of the system based on engineering or analyst data, and provides decision support on managing the system based on rules, heuristics and algorithms that are built into the platform.

In the intelligence community, real-time anomaly detection and decisioning delivers faster identification of threats and a more targeted response. In finance, it delivers faster identification of fraud, increased up-selling of products, and smarter trading decisions. In network operations, it delivers automated solutions for congestion control and helps eliminate denial of service attacks. And in manufacturing, it predicts production delays and equipment failures.

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.