IT Operations Monitoring Video – Starview Applications Overview

In the battle of Big Data versus IT Operations teams, Starview changes the game. With the industry’s fastest and most easily deployed Operational Intelligence applications, Starview gives IT Ops teams a real time, 360-degree insight into IT data so that when the bell rings, it’s IT Ops for the win.

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IT Operations Monitoring Overview Video – Starview applications overview

Everyday companies are challenged to keep up with rapidly increasing amounts of data generated by the simple act of doing business. IT Operations Managers are called upon to predict outages or workflow glitches before they happen and to take action right away. However, insight into network operations is too often focused on past problems due to the reliance on data silos rather than on data in motion. As a result, problems go undetected and opportunities get missed.

Enter Starview – the industry’s fastest and most easily deployed Operational Intelligence applications available today. What if you were able to sift through your company’s machine-generated data as it arrives, keep only the information you need, analyze and act on it within moments. Imagine what real-time, 360-degree insight into your IT data could do to increase uptime, meet green IT objectives, and manage your data centers efficiently, all while maximizing the benefits of your distributed applications and server infrastructure.

For IT organizations inundated with Big Data, Starview’s suite of Operational Intelligence applications helps you make smarter decisions automatically with rich displays that show what’s happening and where as well as deep, pre-configured reports. It Ops can sit back and relax knowing that the “best next action” is identified and executed automatically.

There’s no business that doesn’t stand to benefit from Starview.