Operational Intelligence (OI) Video – Starview Enterprise Platform

It’s not science fiction, it’s Starview – the real time Operational Intelligence platform used by some of the world’s leading enterprises to take control of all their fast-moving, machine-generated data. With Starview, IT Operations teams gain real time, 360-degree insight into the whole of their IT infrastructure to solve problems and maximize on opportunities across a wide variety of industries and use cases.

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Operational Intelligence (OI) Video – Starview Enterprise Platform

Big Data is big business and today’s organizations are literally saturated with huge amounts of fast-flowing data. The path to business value is making that information work for you. How? With Starview.

Starview’s products enable the world’s most innovative organizations to benefit from Operational Intelligence. So, how does it work? Starview enables companies to quickly and simply build applications that aggregate, process and analyze high-velocity, high-volume data. Designed to automate operational decisions, Starview instantly analyzes and visualizes all the elements of your business as they change and helps you to determine the best way to achieve your business objectives. It can even automatically and instantly make decisions that increase operational efficiency.

Does it sound too good to be true? Maybe something out of a science fiction movie set in the year 3,000? No. It’s here today and it’s revolutionary. Our customers and partners agree. Here’s how it works. Starview’s patented technology enables a virtual model of the real world, be it a Smart Grid, a factory floor, a data center, or a financial trading system.

In this fine-grained Active Model, “actors” play the role of each and every system, device and asset that affects your business process. Each actor is connected and behaves in the same manner as the real world environment. The actors then simply interact, react and proactively make decisions as real world information, conditions and states change. Simultaneously, Starview processes extremely large amounts of data, runs sophisticated analytics, and applies the optimal business policies you’ve established for each scenario. Hence, intelligent decisions can be made, optimal actions triggered. The result? Insight transformed into optimal action.

Before Starview, most organizations relied solely on business intelligence tools that could only run their analytics against a database. The results told them about what happened in the past, but nothing about what the business is doing now, or how best to respond. It simply wasn’t possible to open a window into business operations and see what was really happening. Until now.

Starview can be deployed in any use case, from IT Operations to transport and logistics. Quite simply within any enterprise line of business that relies on large amounts of fast-moving data to make decisions that affect processes and operational efficiencies. It comes complete with everything required for the entire application lifecycle, and for cross-enterprise deployment.

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