Software Defined Networking Video

In this video, Brendon Whateley, Principal Solutions Architect at Starview Inc., talks with Paul Liesenberg, Product Marketing Manager for Cisco’s onePK marketing team, about the new development partnership between Cisco and Starview. Whateley discusses how, by working together, Starview and Cisco’s onePK are able to detect threats to a network that would have otherwise stayed undetectable.

Show Transcript

As a onePK development partner, we’re able to obtain data out of the router that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain. We’ve integrated a component into our real-time analytics platform that enables us to gather information from the router and process it in the way that we do big data in motion. This allows us to do detection, in this case, of threats outside a corporation to their network traffic.

This is a view of the model that is built using the Starview Enterprise Platform where we’re using the onePK component to obtain information from the router that is then sent through a coordination component which incorporates our Active Modeling technology to control how we process the data.

We use various network services from onePK and from other sources to determine routing information. We do geo-location on IP addresses and then we feed it through our machine-learning analytics component to determine without creating rules where the routes to these destinations look acceptable or whether they may be tampered with in some way or if there is a failure in the outside network.

For the purposes of the demo, we create a real-time graphical representation of the traffic outside the corporation and highlight routes that look suspicious in some way and allow operators to take action where they can decline traffic or they can allow it. And that again is enabled by the onePK interface that is allowing us to go back to the router to take action in real time.

onePK gave us the hooks into the network to get the data to detect threats that otherwise would have stayed undetectable.